iPhoneclub Exclusive: New Soccer application My Football (Review) (iPhone App Store)

My Football is a new soccer application, soon to be released in the App Store. The application contains information of all important (mostly European) leagues, live scores and historic data.
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My FootballThere’s a new soccer application on its way to the App Store: My Football. The application is made by Supportware, who you might remember from earlier applications like WikiMe and the game Elevens. My Football is different and broader than already available alternatve iFutbol. The application not only contains a schedule of recent and future matches, but also historic data from the nineties onward. All major competitions are there and there’s even a Live button to check the score in matches that are currently underway.

When you start My Football you’ll see three large buttons in the bottom of the opening screen: Competitions, Live, and Today.

Openingsscherm van My Football met de aanwezige competities.   Vandaag

More than 20 competitions are available in My Soccer. The screenshot on the right shows all competions for today. The screenshots are in Dutch, but the application itself will be localized to all major languages.

Bij elke competitie kun je de stand opvragen.   Historische gegevens van de competitie

Users can check the latest standings, but also historic data of all competitions. Most historic data is from 1993 and up, but exceptions are German Bundesliga (starting 1964) and English Premier League (Premiership, starting 1901!).

Van elke competitie kun je zien welke wedstrijden al gespeeld zijn en nog gepland zijn.   Statistieken van elke competitie.

The list of matches in a particular competition. You can tap on a match to see more information, for example the line-up, score time and yellow and red cards. You can also check statistics for each competition: a list of top scorers, players with the most yellow and red cards, etc.

Van elke club kun je gegevens opvragen.   Teamsamenstelling, ook met historische gegevens.

For each team there’s a wealth of information, for example the team members (historic data as well), the matches that were played during this season or earlier seasons and the remaining matches for the season. You can drill down on each item for more detailed information.

Bij elke wedstrijd kun je gegevens opvragen, zoals uitslag, rode en gele kaarten.   Live-gegevens van voetbalwedstrijden.

My Football contains information about each match: line-up, result, penalties, and more. Best of all: you can check live results. While watching one game you’ll be able to check the results of another match, played at the same time.

My Football will be available in the App Store this or next week (waiting for Apple approval), for a really affordable price: $1.99 in the US, £1.19 in the UK and €1.59 in the rest of Europe. If you look at the enormous amount of data in the program, this is absolutely not too expensive. The neat thing about My Football is that you’ll have all relevant data in the palm of your hand, and that you can drill down to any fact you’re looking for: Which team won the UEFA Cup in 1998? When was the last time Barcelona became the Spanish champion? And were was Ronaldo playing in 2006? It’s all there. But apart from being a work of reference, My Football also comes in handy as a program guide: you can see exactly which matches are on, and what’s happening around the globe (well, mostly Europe of course) in soccer.

The developer, Supportware, is able to dynamically add new competitions without the need to offer an update through the App Store. The only alternative at this moment is iFutbol Scores (same price), which contains the results in more than 20 competions including live scores, but doesn’t offer any historical data. There are also two alternative football apps for the German competition (iLiga 08/09 and Liga 2009 but these are fairly limited in scope and functionality.

Although we really don’t have anything to complain, we do have some wishes. It would be nice to make the font size configurable, since it’s rather tiny (although the trade-off is probably you’d have to scroll more). The other wish would be a configurable competition list, where you’d be able to hide and or sort the various available leagues. Apart from that; an outstanding applications for soccer fans!

My Football is available in the App Store for €1,59 euro, $1,99 dollar or £1.19 pound sterling.

Our apologies for the Dutch captions.

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